Winter is a special season for Romanians, as it brings with it the most important religious holiday of the year and that is Christmas. Great story, Jim! We were expecting spring to come, but instead winter came. I'm gonna expend 15 days in Romania (24/12 to 08/01) and I'd like to know if you have some suggestions about what to do in the winter season. A similar but slightly different winery tour includes two wine cellars, two wine museums, a traditional lunch, and several tastings; check more details and itinerary here. There are also some food tours which will give you a look at the gastronomic scene of Romania. Basing yourself in Brasov? Have you made plans for the winter holidays? In the north of the country (Mara… Thus, in the south, there are some influences of a mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and stronger rainfalls in the cooler months (especially in autumn). Your email address will not be published. This bohemian food and culture tour covers markets, street food, and a local side to Bucharest (through your stomach), and this budget-friendly food tour mashes up a walking tour with a delicious three-course Romanian lunch and plenty of drinks to wash all that learning down with. The one Romanian salt mine we can’t recommend (told you guys we’re salt people) is Praid Salt Mine near Targu Mures, also in Transylvania. So, if you decide to visit Romania in winter, here are the most important attractions not to be missed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. BN 1747 – validity 23/02/2020 to 22/02/2021 Winter Sports in Romania. This blog is part of the Amazon Associates program, meaning that we will get a small commission for products you purchase by following our links to Next, check out all the things to do in Transylvania and things to do in Bucharest. Winter holidays in Romania Tours & holidays in 2020 & 2021. We also have other affiliate partners that work in a similar way, but you, as a buyer, will not spend more by making purchases through our links. She loves befriending dogs, drinking coffee, geeking out about wine, and cooking food from around the world. As years passed, the quantity of snow in my area decreased a lot and probably that’s the same for most non mountany places in the country. Winter vacations in Romania are a great time to discover breathtaking landscapes and to enjoy unique experiences like wildlife observation or sleeping in an ice hotel. She has been published in National Geographic, CNN Arabic, Matador Network, and the Huffington Post. We decided to recommend you a few places in our country that have something really special in this period and that are very family-friendly as well. Iven if there is snow in the south side, it melts very fast and doesn’t stay for a long time. I’m so sad what’s happening to the poor animals in Australia. If you have additional questions – things that I haven’t covered or anything else, don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below! वॉलपेपर of Winter in Romania for प्रशंसकों of Winter 621873. Want to save this post for later? We recommend booking a room for a few days if you can to really soak in those mountain views (check prices and availability here), but a day pass to the spa is also a great option if you don’t have the time or funds to stay. It’s amazingly… pleasant. Or this will be a historic year with no snow in Drobeta (hope not, because my son has his sleigh ready!). Accessible only by cable car, Ice Hotel Bâlea is a romantic getaway that will have you feeling like the rest of the world is miles and miles away. Well, yes, there is a certain amount of this, but generally it’s a nice season to relax and take in the beauty, the holidays, the food, the drink and the wardrobe. We own and recommend Lonely Planet Romania & Bulgaria for travel in Romania and beyond! The higher altitudes combined with the reflection of the sun off the snow can lead to unexpected sunburns. It’s not the cheapest way to spend a day in Bucharest in winter… but it may just be the warmest! Romania had ever-changing terrain, wildlife, and the most amazing mountains full of hiking trails and snow. What is the Weather in Romania in Winter? But our country has a lot of potential for other winter sports such as snowshoeing trails or ski touring, including adventures such as backcountry or off-piste free-ridding on splitboard, ski or snowboard. If you’re spending winter in Romania this year for a special occasion, this private food and wine tour is more upscale and private and caters more to couples and luxury travelers. Lows in Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, and other Transylvanian cities are markedly colder. Reaching an elevation of 2,090m (6,857ft), Sinaia is more snow-sure than other ski resorts in the country. If you want to get out of the city, there are winery tours near Bucharest that are a great way to warm up on a wintry day. We hope so too! Winter in Romania. But in the winter? Rural landscapes from the valleys of the Carpathian mountains, in … We had three feet (a meter) of snow and she was attempting to free our Jeep from the driveway. Image of landscape, village, background - 102420564 Check out prices and availability here, if you’re curious! Overview of holidays and many observances in Romania during the year 2020 This goes doubly if you’ll be spending time in mountain resorts like Balea or Poiana Brasov, where the altitude will not do you any favors! In conclusion, choose the mountains and the Transylvania region if you want colder weather and more chances for snow, or go in the cities to the South if you want higher chances of warmer days, more sunshine and less snow. There is some snow predicted for today. We publish new content nearly every day! Romania looks pretty at winter time, and especially with the lights. In the south-east, the Black Sea induces rare heavy strong rains. Also, even though we had no snow, we did get a lot of rain to make up for that :)). Your email address will not be published. I actually really enjoy doing walking tours in the winter because it forces me to have an objective yet still get outside and see a lot of the city. I freaking love thermal springs, and there are a few towns in Romania which are well-known for their hot springs which have been enjoyed since the days of the Romans. New Year is also celebrated with great pomp. Carpathian Mountains of Romania are known as the coldest and snow full places of the country. For starters, it’s a good option for those looking into budget-friendly trips during winter. Photo about Travel in Romania in December. The field that is rumored to shortly become a Lidl. Other well-known thermal resorts are located in Băile Felix close to Oradea (which has an airport) and about 2.5 hours from Cluj-Napoca, as well as Vatra Dornei in Bucovina – our favorite region of Romania – which is home to ski slopes as well as mineral springs which spas have been built around. For example, last year, we had a similarly warm winter in Romania, but it was way colder in the spring, with snow in March and colder temperatures all the way up to late April. Report. After the Ice Storm. Wish everyone a great 2020. A good guidebook: While travel blogs are great, we still think a good guidebook is always handy. Deep in the Făgăraş Mountains, right on the banks of Bâlea Lake, the lake hotel is made by local craftsmen who carve blocks of ice from the nearby lake to create a real hotel you can sleep and stay in. It snowed once here in our neck of Hokkaido. However, those hard winters were not the norm, although they still could be expected. One thing is clear, though: the weather during the winter differs depending the region you’re living in or planning to visit: the mountain resorts have plenty of snow and are great for skiing, with the Southern parts of the country are generally warmer and more affected by the climate change. Check out tours leaving from Brasov here (includes Rasnov, Peles, and Bran). I miss seeing it and l have great memories of growing up in Boston with snow. The restaurant is also fantastic! All in all, winter in Romania is just as you would expect it to be in most parts in Europe: generally cold, with plenty of snow, but also with tons of activities and attractions that are related to the winter, including an ice-made hotel that can be booked over the winter and many others. I think a few days of it, then back to warmer places would be just fine with me. While Romania is perfectly safe to travel around, there’s always a risk inherent in everyday travel – especially winter travel! the authorities did put all the snow from the roads on the side-street, then it started to rain, and the whole town got transformed in a huge lake. I always rely on snow shoveling to keep me and my waistline in shape in the winter. Indeed, I would be perfectly happy if the cold weather and the snow would last a week and then it’s summer again :)) And since yesterday, when I wrote the article, the temperature here dropped to -4, so you never can tell these days haha. I have been going on long walks instead. Happy to hear that all is well in Brasov! © Copyright Romania Experience 2013 - 2020. Add interesting content and earn coins We have the Danube nearby (and drink water from it, which is scary to think about) and that’s a huge river. It snows most of the time during the winters and the cold starts from December and sometimes lasts even till March. Back to how cold is Romania in December, you can expect lows of up to -10 degrees celsius (during the night and mostly up in the mountains) and highs up to 5-6 degrees (although as I said, these past few years came with higher than usual temperatures). So, in conclusion, Romania during the winter is magical and I am sure you’ll enjoy it if you decide to visit during this time of the year. And since Bucharest is full of cozy cafés, fantastic bookstores, hidden bars, and other great things to do in Bucharest in winter, even the country’s capital makes a fantastic winter Romania getaway — provided you pack appropriately, that is! Romania is a large and mountainous country, and the weather depends where you’ll be spending your days! The San Bernardinos were prone to losing power during such storms. Our first full day in the country was exhausting but in the best way possible. The mountain resorts will have snow at the beginning of the month, so if you’re up for winter sports and the like, you won’t be disappointed. The average temperatures during the winter vary greatly based on elevation and the location of the city in Romania: mountain resorts and the areas caught between the Carpathian mountains, as well as Northern parts of the country are way colder than the bottom area (South-west, South and South-East). Happy New Year! It was from four years ago when we lived in the mountains of Southern California. I tried to go out one day but there was a sheet of ice all around our building. Otherwise, if you prefer to go independently, there are a handful of wine bars around the city wh ere you can sample wine at your leisure (I like Industry Wine Bar on Strada Șepcari). In the summer, I love to just aimlessly walk down streets in unfamiliar cities, finding street art to gawk at, buildings to lust over, and cafés to rest my feet in. Quick note: be aware of the different inclusions when comparing prices, as some tours include entrance fees and some don’t, which can easily make something that looks cheaper on paper be more expensive on the ground. We find we go out much more on a winter’s evening here than we ever did in California. You can also read about the best Romanian castles, the Romanian food you should try on your trip, or how to plan some epic day trips from Bucharest. 1:17. Winter is also an excellent time to visit must-see landmarks without the summer crowds. This year, it we had fall-like temperatures until late November (sometimes even over 20 degrees Celsius, which was unheard of). But in these past few years, with the climate changing, it’s difficult to predict what will be. Oh joy! There’s even an ice church!,, 2020 Romanian Legislative Election Results: Shocker by Far Right Nationalists. Cluj-Napoca also has an excellent Christmas market modeled after the market in Sibiu, lit up beautifully and with a stunning backdrop of the gorgeous Gothic-style cathedral. We had none this year so far, but the winter is far from over and most likely there will be snow sooner rather than later. In Conclusion, Romania has snow during the winter in all cities. >> Get a travel insurance quote for your trip here <<. Prior to moving, I was concerned that winters here would be miserably cold and gray. Therme Bucharest costs 100-109 lei for an adult ticket depending on when you visit, about $24 USD. All Rights Reserved. In the past couple of years, it did snow in March here in Drobeta, which is pretty much not the norm. Click to Pin! At a minimum, you’ll want to bring a warm winter jacket (I love this North Face parka), cozy snow boots, warm wool socks, touch-screen friendly gloves, a scarf, and a winter hat. If you’re basing yourself in Bucharest, you can go on a wine tour of the city if you’re curious to learn more about Romanian wine (as it’s really hard to get outside of the country – it’s rarely exported). Never did I know when I was his age I would see the terrible effects of a changing global climate. Your mind probably doesn’t go instantly to Romania when you’re thinking of wine – but what a shame that is, because Romanian wine is tasty! It includes a sommelier-led wine and cheese pairing that allows you to try five of the best Romanian wines in production! It’s 4 PM and it’s snowing. We suggest bringing two so you never have to put a cold wet one back on. Possibly at that moment, we may not have had electricity. More English info about all the winter resorts in Romania, ski maps, prices and live webcams can be found here. Add interesting content and earn coins Still, the temperatures are very close and the few degrees won’t really make a difference. We’ve seen this country dusted with snow and let me tell you, it makes the candy-colored houses and mysterious castles of Transylvania just that much more enchanting. Generally, though, winter temperatures in Bucharest are the following: December: average lows of 28° F and average highs of 39° F (-2° C to 4 °C) One or two swimsuits: While swimsuits may not come to mind for winter, if you’re staying in a resort with a sauna, indoor pool, or steam room — or just visiting Bucharest’s epic Therme spa — you’ll likely want one! It’s quite a distance from Bucharest, but it’s about 2.5 hours from Timisoara, so it’s good if that’s one of the places on your Romania winter itinerary. — and ski gear obviously should be on your packing list, unless you have decided to rent it all when you arrive at your Serbia ski resort. I think as l age, I tend to like a bit warmer climate as my bones really ache with the severe cold :-). The average temperatures during the winter vary greatly based on elevation and the location of the city in Romania: mountain resorts and the areas caught between the Carpathian mountains, as well as Northern parts of the country are way colder than the bottom area (South-west, South and South-East). The first winery tour covers 10 different kinds of wine across two beloved wine cellars; check more details here. In this section, find the the weather forecast for january for most popular cities in Romania. The weather is very soft in this area in winter days. Be hosted in historic houses by a charming Romanian Count (unlike the other one), warmed after busy days by crackling fires and warming plum brandy. Santa may have to use this – – instead of a sleigh from now on. The beautiful Lake Bâlea in Romania has an ice hotel that is open each winter. Close to a third of Romania’s surface is occupied by mountains, which make the landscapes look like a … And I think you are 100% correct: even though it’s difficult now to anticipate how things will be, our best bet is to take in what we get and enjoy the moment. So, I find that in this climate changed world, perhaps there really is no typical winter experience, no matter where you are. It’s all rather sad. As Romania is gaining the status of a preferred destination for tourists from all over the world during the winter season, you might ask yourself why you should also consider it a great travel destination. In the past few years, mayors of the larger cities seem to be in a competition for decorating their cities for Christmas, so expect a lot of lights and decorations that make everything look even better. And since Romania produces stellar red wines (basically, all I want to drink in winter), it’s the perfect drink to consume inside a toasty warm room or by a fire on a cold Romanian winter day. It’s basically a child free-for-all with amusement park rides, lines, and chaos galore — it may be fine for families, but if you’re looking to relax and clear your lungs, it’s not the place to go. Before you laugh, it’s a thing, okay? I fantasized about convincing a kid to stick their tongue onto one of the metal light poles, but my wife persuaded me that this wouldn’t be wise. However, it can easily dip to -20° C (-4° F) on some of the coldest nights — so be prepared and pack appropriately for winter in Romania. Add interesting content and earn coins It could be a less than idyllic winter wonderland. Sunscreen: We strongly suggest wearing sunscreen when you spend time outdoors, no matter the weather outside — especially if you’re skiing! Check out winery tours from Brasov or check out the chic Le Sommelier wine bar on Strada Diaconu Coresi 6. The first two months of the year are the favorite among winter sports lovers. Going to visit Romania next Sunday again so I was looking for the best things to do there thanks for your post as all things looks awesome. 壁纸 of Winter in Romania for 粉丝 of Winter 621870. This website is owned and operated by NeoTour Brașov travel agency , Tourism licence no. Temperature in this area mostly stands nearly 35-36°F. Add interesting content and earn coins Romania is a large and mountainous country, and the weather depends where you’ll be spending your days! Situated yourself in the centre of Transylvania and you’ll find yourself on a perfectly flat valley plain that spreads out for miles, but on every side of you on the horizon is a jagged and harsh mountain range. Playing next. march should be fine for Bucharest, but this winter was a very hard one for the town.It snow a lot, roads was blocked and all public transportation was messed up. So all in all, it’s really difficult to paint now a very clear picture about winter in Romania – but I will try to do that, based mostly on how it all went in the previous years, but with notes about present changes and estimations. There is something special about snow in the winter time. There is always snow in Romania in winter. We love Romania covered in snow, Your email address will not be published. The weather is as cold as it usually gets but the lack of snow is noticeable. Winter, from December to February, is cold throughout Romania. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Originally from California, Allison has been living in Bulgaria for the last two years and is obsessed with traveling around the Balkans. Winter in Romania lasts from December to February, with January being usually the coldest month of them all. – so it’s better to play it safe rather than chance having your vacation ruined by a lapse of judgment. Yesterday I watched children playing there, having snowball fights and romping with their dogs, all bundled in their winter gear (dogs, too). We love the peace of mind it gives us in case of emergencies, accidents, illnesses, theft, or trip cancellation or disruption. The largest salt mine in all of Europe, Slanic Prahova Salt Mine, is located not too far from Bucharest, so you can easily visit it on a day trip. So, let’s get into it – here’s why you shouldn’t discount a vacation to Romania in winter! The weather in the middle region of t… When I was a kid – many years ago – there was always heavy snow during the winter and we built huge snow forts and had a lot of fun with it as it lasted the entire winter.