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Dr. Stege Awarded Fellow Status

Dr. Stege has been awarded the status of  Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP).
Dr. Stege received the special recognition on Friday, September 22, 2000, in Dallas Texas.
The AAFP states, "The Degree of Fellow was established in 1971 by the Congress of Delegates as an avenue for special recognition of those members of the AAFP who have distinguished themselves among their colleagues, as well as in their communities, by their service to family medicine, the advancement of health care to the American people, and by their

professional development through medical education and research. As a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, these distinguished individuals are entitled to all the privileges, ceremony and honor bestowed by this degree." All fellows take the following pledge: "to provide comprehensive and continuing health care to my patients, placing their welfare above all else; to exemplify and substantiate the highest traditions of my profession through an informed and scientific practice of family medicine, and to strive for professional enrichment through a rigorous program of continuing education. I pledge my full participation and talents to

the fulfillment of these objectives because they are the principles upon which the Academy was founded and because by so doing, I can better serve my profession, myself and mankind."                                                        *   *    *    *    *    *    *   
Weight Loss Patients     On Wednesday, October 4, 2000, Dr. Stege took the written and oral examination for board certification by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. Dr Stege will be the only board certified Bariatrician in Louisville upon completion of this certification process. Dr. Stege has spent over 100 hours at meetings studying Bariatrics to better serve our weight loss patients!

Flu Vaccine

There is a shortage of   the flu vaccine, and the flu this year is expected to be especially bad. 

We are one of the few offices that have the new flu vaccine available at this time.

We urge all of our patients, especially those at high risk (the elderly, those with diabetes, heart, lung or other chronic medical problems, and those with crucial jobs or those who work with the public), to come in as soon as possible to receive the vaccine. 

Contrary to some beliefs, the vaccine is not a live virus and cannot give you the flu!

New Walk-In Hours -
No Appointment Required!

For your convenience we now have walk in hours:
·Monday 9:30-11 AM, 2-3:45 PM
·Wednesday 9:30-11 AM, 2-4:45 PM
·Thursday 9:30-11 AM, 3-4:45 PM
·Friday 9:30-11 AM, 2-3:45 PM
·Saturday 9:30-11 AM


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