$17.99. Ornamental Pear - 'Capital' or 'Cleveland Select' A narrow ornamental pear with showy flowers and great autumn colour that is widely tolerant of urban conditions. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 3 feet from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. ... Of course our sales team is here to discuss your specifications, assist ordering & timely delivery. It is grown for its masses of white flowers in early spring then lush dark green foliage throughout spring and summer, then beautiful crimson-red autumn show before dropping in winter enabling the winter sun to give some warmth. Size: Height to 10m, width to 3m. $7.99 shipping. A pear that is at the peak of its ripeness is really hard to beat – especially if you have been able to pluck it from the tree in your own garden. Pear - Ornamental - Capital - Bagged quantity. YALCA FRUIT TREES- Ph : 03 58682062 Mail order fruit tree nursery with over 200 temperate climate fruit trees. This ornamental pear tree brings a display of lovely white flowers in Spring. Plant one by itself for an asymmetrical elegance or as a pair on either side of a driveway to greet arriving guests! Most people think of fruit when they hear the words ‘Pear Tree’ because many people are not aware that some pear trees are grown for their beautiful spring bloom and for their fall color. Care: Plant in well drained soil prepared with compost and fertilise in Spring with slow release native fertiliser. Capital Pear Pyrus calleryana 'Capital' Up to 11m. Model #PYRCAS0515. Compare; Multiple Sizes. 10/11/2020. In autumn, leaves turn a vibrant purple/red colour. This is for pick-up ASAP from our place in Dickson. Pyrus Capital is a super narrow, form and possibly the most popular Ornamental Pear in Australia.. An excellent choice for narrow, restricted areas, around car parks, along narrow medians in both the public and private domain. 21. Pyrus calleryana. Freature tree; Avenue tree; This is a very hardy, narrow growing, deciduous tree. A Chinese native, Moon Valley Nurseries offers several varieties of Pyrus calleryana including 'Aristocrat', 'Bradford' and 'Chanticleer', each featuring the desirable features that make this such a welcome addition to a Southwestern landscape. Colour: White Habit: Weeping Est. Height: 11 – 12 metres at maturity Width: 3 metres at maturity Growth Rate: Moderate. Gardens. 4 Pear Tree Court is located within Clerkenwell with Farringdon Underground and National Rail station located approximately 450m approx. Flowering Pear Tree For Sale. Reddish-purple autumn colour. Pyrus calleryana 'Winter Glow' Ornamental Pear. Find My Store . Skip to content. 3.74-Gallon White Bradford Flowering Pear Flowering Tree in Pot (L3235) Item #474170. Capital Ornamental Pear will grow to be about 30 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 10 feet. Call on 98199966 Ornamental Pear Tree. Capital pear tree for sale. Scarlet autumn leaves. A narrow tree with a compact growth habit, ideal for space-restricted areas. This is an ornamental tree, with beautiful white flowers in spring. Shiny dark green leaves turning reddish-purple in autumn. Beautiful tree farm in the Adelaide Hills. Capital Flowering Pear can be used in a number of ways in a landscape. Currently around 3-4m tall, it's in great health. Ornamental Pears are deciduous trees with glossy green leaves that are highly valued for their spectacular autumn tones, clusters of open, cup-shaped, white flowers in spring and provide shade in the summer months. Narrow sites with restricted space. Leaves are a dark glossy green, changing to orange through to reds and purples in Autumn. Find 250mm Capital Ornamental Pear - Pyrus calleryana at Bunnings Warehouse. for pricing and availability. Name * First Last. With a short deciduous period they are also a great option for hedging and screening. They make excellent street side trees or in line for a privacy screen.